For many people, when they need a rental car, they go to the place that they used the last time to rent a car. That’s fine if they are comfortable with that, but they can be missing out on a better deal. Everyone wants to get a better deal. If you can save even a few dollars a day, think how much money you can save if you multiply that by the number of days you need the car! Please take a look at five easy ways that you can literally slash the amount you pay for your next rental car.

1. Shop and Compare the Rental Car Companies

Approach your search for a rental car the same way you would make a purchase for anything else. Go online and shop around. You can easily do a Google search, and you will get dozens of results. You will find quite a lot of different rates. Sometimes, you can get an even cheaper rate when you book your rental car online. Please remember to read the small print. The base rental car rate may sound great, but the last thing you want is to get slammed with some tacked-on fees when you get the bill. Simply put, please be sure to verify the rental car rate you find online.

3. Scale Down on the “Extras”

Chances are, you do not really need all of the bells and whistles in a rental car. Many consumers do not realize that they have to pay for those extras that sound so great at the beginning. Stick to the basics. You’ll be able to book a lower rental car rate on an economy car than you would on a luxury vehicle. If this goes against your grain, remember that you are only renting the car and not buying it! Some of the economy cars and compact cars are better equipped than you might think. Additionally, they are usually much more economical every time you have to fill up the gas tank.

3. Talk to A Travel Agent

Most travel agents have already established a good working relationship with some of the discount rental car companies. They use them frequently, and a travel agent has already done much of the research for you. Travel agents do a lot of business with rental car agencies, and they usually get a volume discount. They will then pass along some of that discount to you. Ask your travel agent to give you a quote for a rental car. If you are not happy with the price they give you, you can still always book your rental car on your own. Many times, however, their rental car rate will come in lower because they have more buying power.

4. Do You Really Need Insurance from the Rental Car Company?

You definitely do need insurance on your rental car, so please do not even think about forgoing it. A better suggestion would be to read your car insurance policy or contact your car insurance provider. Your existing policy may already cover you if you are the driver of a rental car. Be sure you understand any restrictions that may apply, such as if someone else will also be driving the rental car. The bottom line is that you might not need to spend the extra money to sign on for insurance with the rental car agency if you are already insured. This could save you a substantial amount of money every time you reserve a rental car for your vacation trip or a business trip.

5. Check Your Memberships

A lot of consumers might not realize, or they have simply forgotten, that they are already entitled to receive a discount on their rental cars. If you are a member of a group or organization that offers its members valuable discounts on purchases or services, take advantage of your rental car discount! You might be eligible for a 10%, 20%, or even higher automatic discount whenever you need a rental car. Potentially valuable membership discounts can be from a travel club, your union, or a trade association. Even some credit card companies offer cashback or bonus reward points when you use your card to pay for your rental car.

Hopefully, you have found these five tips to be very helpful. Any one of them will help you save money on your rental car. Now that you know some of the inside tips, you will have more money to spend during your trip. Not all rental car companies are the same. Please be sure to do your research to ensure that you are dealing with a reliable company. Some companies, for instance, offer unlimited mileage with your rental car package. Others might end up charging you for an overage in miles. It’s also helpful to read their online reviews to find out how their customers have rated them. When you know what questions to and what to expect, you will have a much more positive rental car experience and a stress-free vacation.